Welcome to our English-speaking cheese shop!



We offer a large selection of authentic and matured farm cheeses from all over France and other European countries.



Our services include :

  • Vacuum packing for you to travel around and abroad. Each portion is packed individually, enabling you to keep it in perfect condition and travel without unfortunate odours.
  • Free delivery for a minimum purchase of 40 Euros within 10 miles around Rambouillet.
  • Fully prepared and decorated cheese platters for cocktail parties or formal dinners, whether for a small group or a large reception.
    (photo : platter for 6 English friends gathered to watch the Royal Wedding …)
  • Cheese and wine tasting sessions. We can entertain a group of English-speaking visitors, at your home or your office, at lunch or in the evening, with a selection of cheeses, assorted wines, and explanations about the origins and peculiarities of each product.


For your orders, please call +33 (1) 34 83 08 12 or e-mail us here